Monday, February 23, 2009

finding a home

I read a blog post recently over at Pearl, the Prickly Pear, called "Homeless" and I really wanted to steal the title because that is exactly how I feel right now. She was posting that she and husband, after a long period of "church homelessness", have finally found a church where they feel at home.

I long for that.

For the 18 months that we lived in Charlotte, we never really found it. We tried to force it, but forcing doesn't work - duh... So far in Hilton Head things are not looking good. We have been attending the same church since early January and still don't feel like we belong. We are normally freaks in the world, but apparently we are freaks in the Church too. We seem to have a different outlook on what it looks like to be a Christian than everybody we have met.

I guess we'll keep moving forward and following Jesus, what else can we do?

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