Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lettuce and worms

In honor of 70 degree weather today - I planted lettuce. And I ordered worms, not in honor of the weather though, just because my compost bin needs them desperately. On Saturday, Dave and I prepared a rubber bin w/ air holes and filled it w/ strips of newspaper and old cardboard egg cartons. I added our kitchen scraps from the last 2 weeks (quite ripe, they were) and moistened the whole thing down. It's all ready for its inhabitants. I tried to find bulk red wigglers locally, but the bait shops only sell 25 at a time and I need 2000! You truly can find anything on the internet. My squirming little friends are on their way here. The compost bin will smell much better once they start munching...


  1. I like worms with a lemon sauce

  2. well, that works since we have 2000 worms on their way here and we have a lemon tree :)