Saturday, March 14, 2009

The bluebirds and the squirrels

Our lives may be boring to some, but nature entertains me. I told you about the bluebirds moving into the little house we put up for them. When they are out and about gathering and feeding, the male has been landing and perching on our screened doors. It's the craziest thing! Whether the sliders are open or closed, he just comes over and lands on the screen. I was able to get a few pics, but I can't get too close or he flies off. So far, the female hasn't come as close. It's such a riot, they are ALWAYS together. They watch out for each other. The male always arrives first, checking things out. When he feels it's safe, he ever-so-quietly calls to the female and she flies in. The male always checks the house first, then the female goes in. We haven't looked inside to see if there are any eggs, but we assume since they keep coming back, there probably are, or are about to be.

Well, we also have about 5 squirrels who come consistently to the one feeder that they can still get to. The bluebird house is attached to the side of the condo next to us and there are about 6 small trees nearby. When the bluebirds are around, they vehemently protect their house. They pair up and dive bomb the squirrels when they are in the trees. It's an absolute riot! If I can ever get it on video, I will surely post it here.

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