Thursday, March 19, 2009

More funny birds

We truly learn something new everyday. Recently I learned that when birds eat too many berries, they actually get drunk! Another thing learned since moving here is that palm trees flower, which then in turn form berries. this is the time of year that the flower spikes are FULL of berries. The birds love them. Several different times a huge flock of about 50 birds have come and attacked the branches full of berries and gorged themselves. I was thrilled to find, with the help of binoculars, the birds are Cedar Waxwings, which in my opinion are the most beautiful bird God has created. The palm trees right outside our sliding doors are about 25 feet or so tall, so it is kind of hard to get good pictures, but I did the best I could so that YOU could share in my joy! The funny thing is after they eat a lot of the berries, the whole flock starts flying round and round and are "giddy" and quite loud. It's hard to describe it without seeing it. Here is a picture (that I did not take) of how beautiful the Cedar Waxwing really is.


  1. Oh drunk birds. That is pretty hilarious. I can't wait to put up some feeders!!!!

  2. it's actually better if you are lucky enough to have neighbors who have feeders, that way THEY have to pay for the seed :) We are thinking our neighbors love us!