Saturday, April 11, 2009

Should I let them live?

Please notice the smeared red juice on the netting. We spent the day on Thursday in Charleston never imagining what was transpiring at home. Last time the squirrels ate the berries, they missed one really large one, hid under a leaf. We've been waiting and watching this ONE berry begin to ripen. Apparently the combination of the smell of the ripening berry and us not being home was just too much for the freakin squirrel to handle. I WAS NOT HAPPY! This morning I counted 7, yes I said 7, squirrels on the ground under the feeders. THEY WILL NOT WIN! I'm a little scared to go to Charlotte this Monday & Tuesday for business, but we really don't have a choice. We can't let the freakin squirrels run our lives, can we? I will say that if I don't get at least ONE berry off of those plants this year, I may let hubby get the pellet gun.

Freakin squirrels...


  1. Susan--that is SO sad! Those squirrels are EVIL!!!

  2. a squirrel is a great example of "never giving up!" bring the plant inside while you are in CLT. AND buy a pellet gun the way back.

  3. Too funny...those crazy squirrels...hope they enjoyed those juicy berries, since you didn't get to!