Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearless by Max Lucado

As part of the Thomas Nelson Publisher Book Review Bloggers, http://brb.thomasnelson.com, I had the opportunity to read Max Lucado’s Fearless before it was released. The full name is Fearless, Imagine Your Life Without Fear. This was my first ever Max Lucado book. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but people I know always say his books are great. I can say that it was ok, but I would be hard pressed to go to great.

In the world we live in, there are a lot of reasons to be fearful – terrorism, job loss, the economy, violence, and death, to name a few. Mr. Lucado tackles many topics and offers scriptural back up to combat each particular fear. I am sure that if you are a person that lives w/ fear on a daily basis, this book will be comforting to you. I have to admit, it is nice to be reminded of the bible verses. I would definitely suggest this book to someone that I knew was going through a particularly scary or stressful time. It does not however, make me want to run out and purchase another book by Max Lucado. – borrow one from the Library maybe, but probably not buy one..

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